What is Stretch Therapy?

Stretch therapy is a system that begins with simple movements progressing to more complex movements. Partial poses or movements develop into more dynamic and extended positions.  

Our day to day lives tend to set up a pattern of limited ranges of movement, which can lead to shortening or a feeling of stuckness in the body.  The aim of stretch therapy is to release built up tension, manage pain and increase the range of movement in the body – a sense of feeling more open or taller or having more space in the body, is often the way people describe how they feel after a stretch class.


Beneficial Outcomes

  • Releases tension & pain
  • Increases mobility and flexibility
  • Promotes body awareness
  • Develops strength and stability
  • Supports rehabilitation
  • An antidote to modern working conditions
  • Helps prevent injury
  • Promotes body awarenss
  • Suitable for all ages

Where, When, what, why



Classes are held at Optimum Health Essentials 

1691 Pittwater Road, Monavale, NSW

Classes & Terms

Term 1, 2019 starts 4th of February for 10 weeks.

Mondays 9.00 am 

Tuesdays 6.00  pm

Thursdays 8.15 am

Thursdays 5.30 pm

Classes are suitable for all levels of ability.


Repetition and increasing intensity are key to any stretching program.  Participation in the following short workshops will provide a progressive pathway to half day and full day workshops.

Into the stretch workshops are suitable for all levels, not only a great introduction for those curious about the stretch therapy system, its also great for those who are, or have practiced the system, and want to add extra intensity to their level of stretching.

Deeper into the stretch workshops are a further progression for those who are able to relax into the stretch and delve deeper into unlocking limitations we have placed upon the body through lifestyle, life experiences and events, releasing emotional energy trapped in the web of fascia.

Workshop dates:

Workshops for 2019 to be advised.


Creating change in the body takes time.

Stretch therapy classes are run in a term format, ensuring the ultimate outcome for significant and positive change. 

Stretch movements which are performed during a class will impact most areas or systems of the body  (joints, nerves, muscle, fascia, circulatory, lymph & even emotions) Fascia, a connective tissue, is a significant element which influences how effectively your body functions, facilitating the slide and glide of muscles as your body  moves.   The stretch therapy system incorporates slow movement, breath work, and the contract and relax method (unique to the stretch therapy system) to influence the viability of your fascia.

After only 1 term most of the changes you notice will be more apparent by movement that you can do, but couldn’t before. The initial experience through out the term is the release of tension and stress, moving towards increased range of motion.


Life changing!

"Jo’s stretch class has literally changed my life. After a lifetime of back and neck pain and degeneration, that had got worse with age I had become unable to do any form of exercise without experiencing pain and discomfort for days afterwards. 

I am naturally an energetic and flexible person, but struggled to find an activity that was perfect for me. Enter Jo, with her kind, considered and personally tailored program that seeks to make us flexible as well as relaxed. She has a wide knowledge of body mechanics and movement, and makes us feel confident in a fun atmosphere. I really look forward to my class each Monday morning and can’t wait for each new term to begin!"  

- L. Hubbard

Extraordinary difference

 "I have a connective tissue disorder that causes my muscles to stiffen and impacts my body and consequently my quality of life.  I have been undertaking stretch therapy classes now for nearly 2 years.  The difference to my well being is extraordinary.  I began with weekly classes but have been doing 2 classes a week for over a year now.  One of the main benefits has been an increase in self-knowledge of my body, how its feeling  and what type of stretches will help to loosen up and keep functioning as normally as possible.  The stretch term takes you through your bodies musculature and gets the fascia between muscles unstuck.  As my ability to move and trust my body has improved so has my ability to manage my health in a more empowered way.  Jo is an excellent teacher and the classes are worthwhile for any body, especially as we age."  - K. Lambert 


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