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Stretch Therapy

Why chose stretch therapy over yoga?

feeling stiff? can't move as easily as you used to? trying to recover from an injury? time poor?

  • Lifestyle sets up patterns of limited movement.  We feel tight or stuck in our body, this leads to stress, pain, and tension.
  • The goal of this system is to counter act this.
  • Stretch therapy creates openness in the body, releases tension, pain and stress.
  •  Feel taller, freer, lighter

The stretch Therapy system is comprehensive in that it focus’ on partial poses leading to more dynamic movements as the body begins to re learn its range of motion.  The system is bio mechanically focused, that is, classes are designed around improving functionality of the muscular skeletal system.  It is the teachers skill when presenting a class to ensure participants are aware of correct form, rather than attempting to hold a specific pose.  The system is available to all people no matter their current limitations. 

  • It’s a progressive system, addressing individual limitations.
  • We manipulate the three fundamental neural reflexes: Reciprocal Inhibition reflex, Post-contraction Inhibition reflex, Apprehension reflex.
  • We use of a number of core techniques from the original “PNF” manual including Contract–Relax, and a number of new techniques that have emerged over the last ten years, including pulsing, long-holds, micro-movements, directed breathing, and more.

Term 3, 2019


The stretch therapy system is run as a 10 week term.  We run four terms a year.  

Introductory class


Introductory classes are run in between terms.

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We run a variety of workshops throughout the year, each targeting most levels of ability

what is stretch therapy?

A journey towards posture correction


The stretch Therapy system promotes posture correction. The system utilises a contract - relax method incorporating conscious breath work, to relax the body and stimulate the nervous system to allow for lengthening of fascial tissue 

Flexibility Strength Confidence


The system delivers relaxation and has a strong focus on nourishing the biomechanics of the body.  As teachers of stretch therapy our intention is to facilitate softeness and  lengthening of the connective tissue, leading to ease of movement.

Balance freedom stability


Our modern lifestyle inhibits and restricts our range of movement, often leading to pain and stiffness in the body.

Stretch therapy is an antidote to our limited daily routines, providing our bodies with vital nurturing relief.


Life changing!

"Jo’s stretch class has literally changed my life. After a lifetime of back and neck pain and degeneration, that had got worse with age I had become unable to do any form of exercise without experiencing pain and discomfort for days afterwards. 

I am naturally an energetic and flexible person, but struggled to find an activity that was perfect for me. Enter Jo, with her kind, considered and personally tailored program that seeks to make us flexible as well as relaxed. She has a wide knowledge of body mechanics and movement, and makes us feel confident in a fun atmosphere. I really look forward to my class each Monday morning and can’t wait for each new term to begin!"  

- L. Hubbard

Extraordinary difference

"I have a connective tissue disorder that causes my muscles to stiffen and impacts my body and consequently my quality of life.  I have been undertaking stretch therapy classes now for nearly 2 years.  The difference to my well being is extraordinary.  I began with weekly classes but have been doing 2 classes a week for over a year now.  One of the main benefits has been an increase in self-knowledge of my body, how its feeling  and what type of stretches will help to loosen up and keep functioning as normally as possible.  The stretch term takes you through your bodies musculature and gets the fascia between muscles unstuck.  As my ability to move and trust my body has improved so has my ability to manage my health in a more empowered way.  Jo is an excellent teacher and the classes are worthwhile for any body, especially as we age."  

- K. Lambert

A real solution

"  My job as a massage therapist has left me with my own muscular skeletal issues.

I discovered stretch therapy a few years a go and it has been a real lifesaver for me.  The system has not only eliminated much of my body pain but it has taught me how to manage accumulated daily stress and tension.  I feel more balanced in my body and have noticed how i can move so much more easily when hiking, sailing or at the gym.

- M. Pearce