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Term 4 commences 14th October 2019

Stretch therapy is run by the term.

Each term is 10 weeks & 

we run four terms a year.

Class times: 

Monday 9.00am

Tuesday 6.15pm

Thursday 8.15am and 5.30pm


Akasa Wellness Centre 

24 Park street Mona Vale NSW 2103

Available Classes and schedules

The most beneficial way to experience Stretch therapy is to enrol for a term.

We run 4 terms a year.

However we do offer alternatives:

flexible options

1. Enrol for a term ( 10 weeks pass - 1 class per week)

2. Enrol for a 4 week pass ( 1 class per week)

3. 4 or 6 month pass -  unlimited classes each week -  You feel so good from doing stretch & you want more! 

4. Introductory offer ( 2 classes)

5. Casual class.