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· People who are desk bound for long periods of time develop poor posture.

· Poor posture leads to chronic neck, shoulder, lower back and wrist pain.

· Muscles become weak, therefore a higher risk of injury is likely.

· Prolonged sitting incurs poor circulation, pooling of blood, which can lead to varicose veins, swollen ankles, or even DVT’s


Did you know?

78% of people when surveyed said that when their workplace cares about their well being,

They feel engaged at work and happy when this occurs.

“If you want to see a more energetic workforce, look after health and wellbeing at work. Our survey revealed [that] 54 per cent of people who work in companies that care for wellbeing reported high energy levels, compared to 26 per cent of those who feel that their workplace doesn’t prioritise wellness.”

2019 workplace well being report – compiled by workscore


The Solution

· Stretch Therapy classes are designed to provide the antidote to the problems incurred by prolonged sitting.

· We offer small, progressive classes, which after only 4 weeks you will feel the wonderful effects of the stretch therapy system! 

· strategically focused on improving your range of movement, balance, strength and stability targeting individual muscles which may have shortened over time. 

· Aside from the physical benefits, energy levels increase, people feel happier and stress levels reduce 

· Effective out comes with measurable results.

· With over 20 years of experience we will provide a nurturing and safe environment supporting you in your progression towards having a body that moves in the way it was designed to!

"When you work in HR, sometimes setting up team activities events can be challenging at the very best, sometimes hit or miss.  Since the first class was introduced, our employees have loved stretch classes.  We have had committed employees attending every week espousing the benefits and enjoyment they receive from the classes.

The stretch classes has been a positive, well received wellbeing initiative aligned to our company values to care for our people.  Staff have very much appreciated the opportunity to attend.  “Sitting is the new smoking”, so easy to access, in house stretch classes have helped rebalance bodies after long periods of sitting. 

Jo is a considered and thoughtful teacher.  She has built rapport with our team so much so, we have invited her to our bi-annual company meeting so our wider team (not just the office) can enjoy the benefits of stretch.  

Thanks Jo (Anne-Marie Moore – Human Resources Director, Alexion Pharmaceuticals)"


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