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Stretch Therapy


In between terms and on 3 weekends leading up to the start of a new term, we run a series of classes and workshops designed to introduce you to stretch therapy.  You will gain an immediate insight into how much this system can benefit your body no matter your lifestyle; from an office job, driving all day, elite athlete or a mum chasing after toddlers! 


Into the stretch workshops are suitable for all levels. They are not only a great introduction for those who are curious about the stretch therapy system, but for those who have practiced the system and want to add an extra level of intensity to their stretching.


Deeper into the stretch workshops are a further progression for those who are able to hold positions longer and relax into the stretch. We delve deeper into unlocking limitations we have placed upon the body through lifestyle, life experiences and events. This workshop facilitates the release of long held and inhibiting structural positions.


Combining the stretch therapy system with the science of kinesiology to create energy flow which supports flexibility and grace in movement. Trapped emotional energy, stored within the connective fascial tissue may prevent your body being able to move as it was designed to do. Limited movement patterns which develop over time may hasten degeneration and your quality of life. Events and experiences may generate emotions such as Anxiety, anger, overwhelm, discontentment, & rejection. Simple, non threatening techniques are applied along with the activation sequences in stretch, which facilitate the release of stuck emotional energy, giving way to freedom of movement.


This workshop is deliciously intense and satisfying. Using a combination of Sticks, fascial release rollers and balls, we target trigger points to facilitate tissue release which augments each stretch position. Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel!

Bangkok intensive workshops

Our modern lifestyle has slowly been changing our range of motion.  The (limited) movement we believe we have is creating pain, stiffness, a sense of feeling stuck in our bodies, and even facilitates the aging progress. This 5 day intensive workshop is designed to re-educate the mind and the body.  This system allows for re-mapping to occur within the fascial tissue of the body.  Using a combination of gentle partial poses, leading to more dynamic movement, and including trigger point release work, partner work, breath work and relaxation techniques, you will begin to know and understand how much freedom of movement is available to you; how you can move with ease, experiencing a real sense of freedom and lightness within your body.