What is stretch therapy

  • Stretch therapy is a system that begins with simple movements progressing to more complex movements. Partial poses or movements develop into more dynamic and extended positions.  
  • The system satisfies two constraints and three elements. 
  •  Constraints safety - this is addressed through the thousands of hours invested in trialling the poses, starting with partial poses and progressing as the student becomes more able and confident.  Any exercise shape that imposes rotational torque on the knees is not used in beginners classes, and backbends are done over a support.
  • Effectiveness; is assessed with respect to the over-arching goal of increasing flexibility, and is measured by results gained for time spent.
  • Three elements:  The use of the (1) Contract-relax (C-R) approach, within a structure of (2) partial poses, many of which are (3) partner assisted
  • Our day to day lives tend to set up a pattern of limited ranges of movement, which can lead to shortening or a feeling of stuckness in the body.  The aim of stretch therapy is to release built up tension, manage pain and increase the range of movement in the body – a sense of feeling more open or taller or having more space in the body, is often the way people describe how they feel after a stretch class.

Beneficial outcomes

  • Releases tension and pain
  • Increases mobility and flexibility
  • Promotes body awareness
  • Develops strength and stability
  • Supports rehabilitation
  • An antidote to modern working conditions
  • Helps prevent injury for Athletes
  • Promotes deep sleep

Venue - Classes and Terms

Classes are held at Optimum Health Essentials 

1691 Pittwater Road, Monavale, NSW

Term 2, 2019 starts 29 th of April for 10 weeks.


Mondays 9.00 am 

Tuesdays 6.15  pm

Thursdays 8.15 am

Thursdays 5.30 pm

Classes are suitable for all levels of ability.