Move with optimum freedom, strength and confidence

Jo Callender

Jo is a healthcare practitioner with over 20 years experience.

Initially working as a Massage Therapist and Lymphatic Drainage specialist, Jo’s ongoing passion for instigating positive results for her clients is the driving force in  developing skills and further education. She obtained her Health Science Diploma in Kinesiology to develop her knowledge in biomechanics, anatomy and nutrition. Throughout her study, she has also furthered her understanding of how our emotions and experiences can place limitations on our potential for growth, and how to release these emotions to achieve optimal health. 

As a teacher of stretch therapy she helps people to manage the issues which arise due to the repetitive, and sedentary nature of modern life.  Jo consults closely with local physiotherapists, naturopaths, chiropractors, GP’s and personal trainers and uses the stretch therapy system as a platform to empower people through education, teaching clients how to achieve positive physical and mental change in their lives.

Dip Health Science.

Dip Remedial massage.

Dip Lymphatic Drainage.

Cert fascial manipulation.

Cert Dry needling.

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Move with optimum freedom, strength and confidence

Christie Callender

Christie Callender is a positive and outgoing teacher who is passionate about health and wellness. She is committed to helping people minimise pain, regain optimal function, and enhance overall performance and wellbeing. Christie is passionate about learning and expanding her knowledge so that she can continue to provide high quality service to all of her clients. Her current qualifications inlude:

- Bachelor of health science in human movement

- Certificate III in fitness

- Certificate of Stretch Therapy

- CPR and First aid

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